Wednesday, December 17, 2008

K-pop-style lip-synching for Christmas

The influence of Korean pop culture has been evident on the streets of Bangkok for the past several years, as seen from the mashed-up, bedhead hair styles worn by boys.

There's even been concerts in the past year or so by such K-pop artists as superstar Rain and the 13-member boyband Super Junior, who were greeted by overwhelming crowds of squealing teenyboppers.

The trend is finally making its way into Thai film with Super Hap (Super แหบ-แสบ-สะบัด), set for release in Thai cinemas on Christmas Day.

Film Rattapoom stars as a pretty boy named Teung who is friends with songwriter Tom (Kittisak Udomnak), and they dream of making it big as singing stars. The problem is that Teung can't sing, while Tom has tons of talent but his chubby body and dark skin aren't the image the record companies are looking for.

In a set-up that echoes the plot of 200 Pounds Beauty, Teung is made the star who lip-synches while Tom is backstage singing - a scheme that is bound to unravel.

It's directed by Pisut Praesangeam and is being produced by Avant/RS Film.

The always-watchable character actress Noawarat Yuktanund also stars as a record company exec.

A subtitled trailer from YouTube is embedded below.

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