Tuesday, December 9, 2008

On DVD in Singapore: The Coffin

Following a strong box-office performance in Singapore and Malaysia, The Coffin has been released on DVD in Singapore.

I'm looking forward to receiving mine from MovieXclusive. It's the first opportunity to catch this film in its original English/Thai soundtrack (only the Thai-dubbed version played in Thailand). It also has English and Chinese subtitles.

Directed by Ekachai Uekrongtham, the beautifully shot, moody and often blood-soaked thriller features a pan-Asian ensemble cast led by Karen Mok as a cancer-suffering Hong Kong woman who travels to Thailand to take part in a bizarre ritual that involves her lying in a coffin in hopes of curing her terminal illness. Ananda Everingham co-stars in a parallel story about a guy who also takes part in the ceremony in hopes of curing the terminal illness of his girlfriend (Aki Shibuya) but instead finds himself haunted by a mysterious woman (Napakpapha Nakpasitte).

The Coffin was recently featured in competition for the Golden Peacock at Goa's International Film Festival of India, and it will be a part of the Hungry Ghosts program at the upcoming International Film Festival Rotterdam.

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(Thank you Nekoneko, Logboy and Stefan!)


  1. Hehehe!!! I've got mine on order! It's one I just can't wait to see.

    Speaking of new ones you don't want to miss, have you seen the Thai Trailer for "Meat Grinder"? It's up now on youtube here:


  2. Got some Meat Grinder in process already. It's another one I'm cautious about, because it's from Phranakorn.


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