Saturday, April 18, 2009

Another giant snake in The Scout

The giant snake from Pleo Sirisuwan's crazy jungle fantasy-horror Vengeance returns in the writer-director's upcoming Boy Scout adventure, The Scout, and 24 Frames Per Second has dug up a teaser clip (embedded below).

Now in post-production, the project has been kicking around for awhile. It was shopped around earlier this year at the European Film Market, according to Variety, and the Film Catalogue has it listed.

Golden Network Asia is handling sales and the producer is Monnasich Tadaamnuaychai.

The cast includes Thailand-based Japanese actor Yano Kazuki, recently seen in Taew Te Teen Raberd and Palatip Namkhang.

Here's the synopsis:

Scouts visit an ancient temple to witness a lunar eclipse. Hearing campfire stories of the legendary god who protects the temple, they decide to go on a treasure hunt. Finding themselves lost in a parallel universe, they must find the way back before the end of the eclipse traps them.

Where does that giant cobra fit in? We'll just have to watch it and see.

Meanwhile, what's happened with another project mentioned for Pleo last year, The Follower?

(Via 24 Frames per Second)

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