Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pe Arak's hair takes a Slice

Haircuts and movie publicity go hand-in-hand these days.

The latest actor to submit to the scissors is "Pe" Arak Amornsupasiri, who cut off his rock-star mop as part his agreement to star as an assassin in Slice (Chuean or เฉือน), Five Star Production's upcoming crime thriller from director Kongkiat Khomsiri and screenwriter Wisit Sasanatieng.

Soopsip in today's Daily Xpress has more details:

Losing his locks actually wasn’t such a big deal. “I’d often thought about it but never had the chance. And anyway, my hair’s getting thinner.”

Doing the slicing was celebrity hairdresser Somsak Chalachol, who stuffed the evidence in a bag so Pe could use it as a prop in the film.

How? Wait for the flick to hit screens in October.

It was the first time in six years that Pe had cut his hair. A guitarist for the Thai alternative rock band Slur, Pe and his long hair have appeared in several films and TV dramas, including his big-screen debut Body #19 and last year's weepy romance Rak/Sam/Sao, as well as a cameo appearance in Buppha Rahtree 3.1: Rahtree Reborn. He also stars in the GTH romantic drama Best of Times, but for that film he tucked his hair under a top-heavy short-hair wig to make it look like he'd had a haircut.

Dirtii Laundry has more photos of the shearing, and Lyn's Lakorns has thoughts on Pe's new look as well.

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