Tuesday, November 10, 2009

AFM '09: Bangkok Adrenaline still pumping

Bangkok Adrenaline (อะดรีนาลีน คนเดือดสาด, or Adrenaline Kon Deuat Sat) was released in Thailand in May, and despite it being a movie starring foreigner stuntmen, it was dropped into local cinemas in a localized version that had only a Thai-dubbed soundtrack and no English subtitles.

I just couldn't bring myself to go see it in that state.

But now an anonymous commenter says an English-soundtracked "international cut" is being sold at the American Film Market by Strategic Film Partners, which has a new poster image and a synopsis on its website:

When you gamble in Thailand, you're gambling with your life. Five friends have come to Bangkok for good times and better action but at night's end, they find themselves broke and in debt to a ruthless local mobster. They hatch a simple plan - stage a kidnapping of the rival mob boss' beautiful daughter, demand a ransom and buy back their freedom. But the plan backfires when the friends discover the mob boss wants his own daughter ... dead. And if she is killed during a violent and reckless rescue attempt, all the better. The clock is ticking, their debt is due and now two mob bosses are closing in for the kill. They'll have to fight with every ounce of skill they have to save the girl, the money and get ouf of Bangkok alive.

It's directed by Raimund Huber with action choreography by Daniel O'Neill, Pangrit Sangcha and Ron Smoorenburg. O'Neill stars, with the Thai cast including "Pu" Priya Suandokmai and Dom Hetrakul. Plus there's Conan Stevens, Lex De Groot and Geoffrey Guiliano.

There's also a great new (English language) trailer, and it's embedded below.

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