Tuesday, November 10, 2009

American martial artist Marrese Crump attached to Prachya project (update: but it's not Ta Bang Marn)

Note: There are updates and corrections throughout this post.

American martial artist Marrese Crump's press representative Anesti Vega of Elamintal Media e-mailed a press release yesterday, saying Crump is in talks to star in a film by Prachya Pinkaew.

The release was quickly picked up by Kung Fu Cinema and Twitch, and seems to be backed up by a pair of YouTube videos, a promo teaser and another one that shows Crump in training at Prachya's Baa Ram Ewe training facility (embedded below). Here's an excerpt from the release:

“After meeting with Prachya and his team in Thailand, we are all confident that we will be making a quality film that both fans and martial arts practitioners alike will appreciate and be proud of.” says Marrese after returning from Baa Ram Ewe Studios in Bangkok.

Crump, who has a poll that says most of his fans want to see him work with Tony Jaa, will star alongside Chocolate and Raging Phoenix star Jija Yanin.

But, the project is not Ta Bang Marn, according to Anesti Vega of Elamintal Media.

Prachya has many, many projects in various states of production, and the one Crump will be involved with does not yet have a name and will not begin production until sometime next year.

But, Jija will be Ta Bang Marn, which is in production now. That movie is about female fighters who unite to protect a "special child". Makes sense. If Prachya's going to make a movie with a bunch of female fighters, one of them ought to be Jeeja.

Comments on an earlier post also indicate that another cast member might be Handle With Care actress "Kratae" Supaksorn Chaimongkol, who's recently started shooting Kote ... So, a project being directed by action guru Panna Rittikrai and also starring veteran actor Sorapong Chatree and comedian Sena Hoi.

According to comments below by Peter, other actresses approached for the project include "Nui" Kessarin Ektawatkul (currently in Suay ... Samurai or Vanquisher), "Tak" Bongkot Kongmalai and Run Natthamonkarn. There may be Hollywood or foreign actresses involved as well.

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  1. Back in July, actresses approached to appear in Ta Beng Man included 'Jija' Yanin Vismitananda, 'Kratae' Supaksorn Chaimongkol, 'Nui' Kessarin Ektawatkul, 'Tuk' Bongkoch Kongmalai and Run Natthamonkarn. At one point 'Catt' Sanisa Chindamanee was also mentioned, but it looks like she's since been ruled out (possibly for being too young?). Prachya Pinkaew mentioned back in February they were looking for foreign cast members as well, and possibly some 'Hollywood actresses'. This interest in non Thai cast members may also explain the Marrese Crump reports.

    In this clip, taken at an Anti-Piracy event in Thailand, Jija talks about having to put on weight for Ta Beng Man. (Sorry it's not subtitled): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVTLcZxO6w0&

    And, again, apologies for this only being in Thai(I used a friend and online translators to read this myself), but here's Sahamongkol's CEO talking about Tony Jaa and Jija Yanin's future projects, including Ong Bak 3, Ta Beng Man, Chocolate 2, and Jija's film project with Peter Chan: http://www.daradaily.com/th/news/newsdetail.php?newsid=18012

    Ta Beng Man is the name of female battle attire (as can be seen in, among other films, Bang Rajan). Jija pointed out in another interview that she was told she wasn't 'sexy enough' to wear the Ta Beng Man (I don't know whether to call it a vest or shirt), so she might wear something different, and allow the other actresses to wear the 'sexy clothes'.


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