Monday, April 26, 2010

Help Bitter/Sweet brew up a Thai title

The coffee-infused Thai-Hollywood romantic drama Bitter/Sweet is looking for suggestions for its Thai title.

Playing festivals and winning awards around the world for the past year, Bitter/Sweet will finally make its Thai premiere on June 11 at the Phuket Film Festival.

A Thai commercial release is also being planned and the filmmakers are looking for a title that will perk up the interests of Thai moviegoers.

They're giving away a free trip to Phuket to whoever comes up with the winning title. Details are on the Bitter/Sweet blog (ประกวด ตั้งชื่อภาษาไทยสำหรับหนังเรื่อง Bitter/Sweet).

Set on a coffee plantation in southern Thailand's Krabi Province, the movie stars Kip Pardue as an American coffee buyer who comes to Thailand to check out a crop and at first clashes with but is ultimately captivated by a fiery public-relations executive, played by Mamee Nakprasit (Art of the Devil 2 and 3). James Brolin and Spencer Garrett also star with Thai talents "Gof" Akara Amarttayakul, "Tong" Pakkaramai Potranan, Kalorin Nemayothin, Arun Whasadeewong, Viyada Umarin and Sompop Benjatikul.

The film won awards at last year's WorldFest in Houston. It played in LA's Feel Good Film Festival where it was nominated for Best Director (Jeff Hare) and Best Cinematographer (Sayombhu Mukdeeprom). Its Asian premiere was in the 11th Mumbai Film Festival. It won the Best Foreign Film award at the 3rd Mammoth Film Festival in December. Other festival appearances have included Louisville's International Festival of Film, the Naples International Film Festival and the Charleston Film Festival.

(Via the Bitter/Sweet blog)


  1. Pakaramai's nickname is Tong, not Mint.

    About the Thai title, I have no idea right now.

  2. Oh, duh, Tong's character's name is Mint.

    It's funny how farangs will generally only know Thais by their formal names but Thais will only know each other by their nicknames.

  3. WOW I can't believe that Memee has been quite successful in her career so far!!!

    She was only a regular girl and looks normal when I first met her in a marketing class at the first year of Uni. I still remembered when she was asking the lecturer to leave the class early for the reason that she had to work (filming her first movie "Mae bia"). Then the lecturer started complaining her badly straightaway as he didn't know (believe) her and so did I. And I reckon that no one in the class was recognizing her as an actress at that moment.

    So, I'm glad to hear this kind of news about her, and I won't miss to watch this movie for sure.

    Thanks for the info mate, you have such a very good blog!!!


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