Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Leo Kittikorn hits the road to romance with That Sounds Good

The main point of the road-trip romance That Sounds Good (เรา สองสาม คน, Rao Song Sam Khon), it appears, is to get director "Leo" Kittikorn Liawsirikul out of the office.

“I was completely bored with studio shoots,” he's quoted as saying by Soopsip in today's Nation. Leo previously directed such films as Goal Club, Ahimsa – Stop to Run, Bus Lane and Dream Team.

Musician Jay Montonn Jira shifts from scoring movies to starring in them with That Sounds Good. The composer of the 9 Wat soundtrack portrays the driver of a four-wheel-drive rig on an Indochinese road rally.

Along for the ride with Jay's Somchu are two young women, Ter and Soontri (Ramita Mahapreukpong and Rattanrat Eertaweekul). The former doesn't see so good and wears thick round eyeglasses while the latter has impaired hearing and wears a hearing aid.

Inevitably, with the three attached to their orange Suzuki four-wheeler, a love triangle forms, with lots of significant glances and long, mood-drenched stares across the exotic landscapes.

Leo set his romantic drama against backdrop of one of those off-road caravans, in which Thai motorheads kick up dust on the backroads of Laos and Vietnam. Such petrol-guzzling events provide filler for TV news shows, car magazines and the automotive sections of newspapers.

Leo said he “virtually” scouted the route beforehand, but found plenty of opportunities to improvise, letting the plot find its own way.

Most of the dialog is unscripted.

“There was no need for us to memorize the script like parrots,” actress "Gypso" Ramita is quoted as saying. “We just tried to communicate the script in our own words.”

Opening on Thursday, That Sounds Good is the third feature from the M39 production house, started up by Leo and other former crewmembers from RS Film's disbanded Avant unit.

The trailer is at YouTube on the M39 That Sounds Good channel, and is embedded below. Nangdee has posters.

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