Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A vengeful ghost in a haunted tree in Takien

The latest ghost story to hit the big screen in Thailand is Takien: The Haunted Tree (นางตะเคียน, Nang Takien), about the spirit of a suicidal garment-factory worker inhabiting the tree where she hanged herself.

Directed by Saiyon Srisawat (สายยนต์ ศรีสวัสดิ์) and produced by Pacific Island Film, there's sure to be a moralistic message rooted in there somewhere.

Pacific Island is the company that last year released Samchuk, a morale-filled schoolboy drugs drama that won best-actor prizes for Paramej Noi-um during this year's movie-awards season.

Here's the synopsis for Takien that's been aired already on various horror-movie websites:

Yaibua is a woman in despair. Unemployed and betrayed, she returns to her hometown where her family is her last hope. On her arrival, she finds her parents and sister are gone. Distraught, Yaibua tries to contact Pichan, her boyfriend, but she doesn’t hear any news and hangs herself on a big tree near the graveyard. But the wrongdoing she has done from her past life to this life causes her spirit to possess the tree, waiting for Pichan and her own redemption.

Jiranun Manochaem stars as Yaibua, with Pirapan Arayapan as the boyfriend Pichan.

There's a subtitled trailer at YouTube, and it seems to tell another story, involving more black magic and revenge. From BigFun's channel, it's embedded below.

Loads of posters at NangDee. There's also a music video.

Takien: The Haunted Tree opens in Thai cinemas on Thursday.

Update: There's a long history of takien-tree ghosts in Thai cinema. ThaiWorldView has more.

(Via MovieSeer, NangDee)


  1. There was a 2003 film of Takien with Sorapong Chatri. Was on Thai film cable channel the other day.

  2. I found on ThaiFilmDb that there are also พรายตะเคียน (1986) and ตะเคียนคู่ (1989) that are related to Takien ghosts. Maybe they have been released by LepsoStudio. I will check.


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