Wednesday, October 13, 2010

On DVD in Hong Kong: Dear Galileo

Nithiwat Tharatorn's travel drama Dear Galileo (Nee Tam Galileo, หนีตามกาลิเลโอ) hits English-subtitled DVD tomorrow in Hong Kong.

You can order it at YesAsia.

Released last year by GTH, the movie stars Chutima Teepanart and Jarinporn Joonkiat as friends who travel to Europe to escape their problems in Thailand. Ray MacDonald puts in an appearance as a streetwise Thai guy, squatting in a vacant warehouse with Parisian artists.

Here's the synopsis from YesAsia:

Ever thought about putting everything in your life down and going away? The director of the hit Thai teen film Seasons Change shows why that might be easier said than done with the coming-of-age adventure Dear Galileo. The film follows the journey of Noon and Cherry, two university students with respective troubles to run away from – one an on-and-off boyfriend, and the other a suspension from school for forging a teacher's signature on a school document. Vowed to be best friends forever, the girls decide to head off together to three cities in Europe – London, Paris, and Venice. Even though the girls run into the risk of deportation, cultural alienation, and facing their own troubles at home, director Nithiwat Tharatorn tells the story in a light, enjoyable tone. Dear Galileo is as much about the girls discovering new place as it is about the girls discovering their places in the world. With universal messages of friendship and self-discovery, Dear Galileo was a critical and commercial hit in Thailand.

The DVD comes after Dear Galileo had a theatrical run in Hong Kong earlier this year.

Released by Kam & Ronson, the Region 3 disc is NTSC format.

(Thanks Logboy!)

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  1. Haven't read here for a while. Just had the opportunity to see "Dear Galileo" myself.

    3/5 sounds about right. But "Dear Galileo" gets a notable distinction of having some of the most conspicuous product placements I have ever seen.


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