Friday, October 29, 2010

Ong-Bak 3 U.S. teaser and rumors of a Wesley Snipes movie for Tony Jaa

Wesley Snipes has a wish list of talents he's hoping to line up in an Expendables-style action-comedy called Master Daddy, and among the names is "Jaa", which I guess means Tony Jaa, as in Tatchakorn Yeerum (ทัชชกร ยีรัมย์) , formerly Panom Yeerum (พนม ยีรัมย์).

Could this be the big Hollywood break Tony is waiting for? Maybe enough for him to come out of the monkhood?

Snipes, last seen in a critically well-recieved supporting role as a drug kingpin in the crime drama Brooklyn's Finest, has been battling tax problems, and looks to be pinning his hopes on Master Daddy as his big comeback as an action star.

Variety says Master Daddy will feature "cameos and performances from dozens of martial arts and fighting arts stars including Chuck Norris, Chiba, Frazier, Gracie, Hung, Inosanto, Jaa, Rhee, Kim, Lee Mosely, Bob Wall, Rampage, Anderson Silva and Ron Van Cleff. Musicians Rock Steady, Jabbawakkies and Quest Crew will also perform."

"This multi-racial action comedy is a mix of Kung Fu Hustle and Meet the Parents," Snipes is quoted as saying.

Though no director is named, production is slated for this autumn for release sometime next year.

There' s more talk about it at The Playlist, Joblo, Screen Rush, Live for Films, Empire and Kung Fu Cinema.

Meanwhile, the U.S. release of Ong-Bak 3: The Final Battle is being prepped by Magnet, which is doing a video-on-demand bow on December 3 and theatrical run starting on January 14.

The U.S. teaser (embedded below) looks great. It's got all the best bits.

Ong-Bak 3 made its North American premiere back in September at the Fantasic Fest in Austin, Texas. Among the reviews were Screen Junkies and Film School Rejects.

It's also out on DVD in the U.K.

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  1. finally watched Ong Bak 3, sort of disappointing but not so bad. Ong Bak 2 is still his best movie and one of the best martial arts.

    From the list of those martial arts to star in this comedy, truth is the list isn't enough!

    What about Scott Adkins? Jet Li? Jackie Chan? Donnie Yen? Jija? Jeeja?

    those other names I don't even know wtf they are and come on Chuck Norris?:/


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