Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Inthira Charoenpura in the water with Kohtee

Nang Nak leading lady Inthira Charoenpura goes from playing the ghost to being scared by them in Nam Pee Nong Sayong Kwan (น้ำ ผีนองสยองขวัญ).

For this swimming-pool frightfest, due in cinemas on Thursday, she teams up with ubiquitous comedian and actor Jaroenporn On-lamai, a.k.a. Kohtee Aramboy, as well as Kom Chanchuen.

She looks like she's having a blast working with these two funnymen.

Sai Inthira portrays Mook, a competitive swimmer who has a phobia of water ever since there was an accident involving other members of her swim team. She is then befriended by a guy named Charlie (Kohtee) after she's hit by Charlie's car and develops amnesia. The two then start seeing ghosts everywhere.

Nam (Water) is directed by Ong-art Jeamchareonpornkul and produced by M-thirtynine, where filmmaker Monthon Arayangkoon is an executive. He made 2007's House, which also starred Inthira.

The trailer for Nam is at YouTube and you can watch it here.

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