Monday, August 6, 2012

Game on! 14 Beyond manga posted online

One of the mostly eagerly awaited and asked about Thai movies yet to come is the thriller 14 Beyond, Chookiat Sakveerakul's sequel to 2006's 13 Beloved (13 เกมสยอง, 13 Game Sayong), a.k.a. 13: Game of Death.

In development for the past several years, 14 Beyond keeps getting put off for one reason or another, but with the release earlier this year of Chookiat's deeply personal family drama Home, word is that 14 Beyond is definitely his next project.

Based on a comic book by Ekkasith Thairath, Chookiat is collaborating on 14 Beyond with the writer-artist, and they've started things off by offering a manga version of the tale online at Commuan, Chookiat's production company's website.

Termed "the beginning of the end of the epic 14 Beyond," there's even an English version.

The story dovetails with a crucial scene in 13 Beloved and introduces a young biker character who finds a mysterious phone that he can't shut off.

The comic panels could very well also be storyboards for the forthcoming film. Looks great so far.

(Via Deknang)

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