Sunday, August 26, 2012

The bad guys in Expendables 2 are speaking Thai

If you saw the  '80s action throwback The Expendables 2 and imagined you heard some of the bad guys speaking Thai, you weren't imagining things.

The scene occurs early on, when Sylvester Stallone and his crew, including Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, Terry Crews, Randy Couture and Jet Li, go to "Nepal" (Bulgaria, actually) to rescue a hostage.

Don Theerathada, fight coordinator.
Here's where Jet Li has a quick and dirty fight scene, dressed all in black in a black room, before he exits the movie in an unlethal way in order to make room for the scenery-chewing antics of Jean-Claude Van Damme as well as the oddly understated Chuck Norris and a catchphrase-spewing Arnold Schwarzenegger. Oh, and Bruce Willis! As a plus, Simon "Con Air" West is the director.

Anyway, as is usually the case when you are watching a Hollywood movie and you feel a pervading Thai connection, you should trust your instincts and stay seated to watch the closing credits. You will be rewarded with at least a few Thai names.

Here's one: Don Theerathada, a.k.a. Don Tai or Don Thai. He's the fight coordinator on The Expendables 2. He has an extensive list of credits.

He's also on Twitter. There, I asked "was it just my imagination or were the 'Nepalese' bad guys speaking Thai?:

He answered:

"LOL, yes they were. Most of them were Thai. We brought over Chinese, Thai, Kazakstan, Australian and New Zealand stunts over to Bulgaria."

So, there you go. If you miss seeing old-time action flicks on the big screen, then The Expendables 2 might be just what you're looking for.

Meanwhile in Bangkok cinemas, The Raid: Redemption has opened. Off to see that on the big screen today.

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