Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sunny and Ananda go to Tibet, find Shambhala

Shambhala (ชัมบาลา), the spiritual road-trip drama starring Sunny Suwanmethanon and Ananda Everingham, has been sitting in Sahamongkol Film International's vaults for the three years, apparently waiting for the studio to find the right time to release it.

That time is now. It's in Thai cinemas today.

It's the debut feature by Panjapong Kongkanoi, a veteran director of TV series.

Sunny and Ananda are estranged brothers. Sunny is the more strait-laced and uptight of the pair. He decides to go to Tibet to fulfill the wishes of his ailing girlfriend (Nalinthip Phermphatsakul).

His feckless older brother, played by Ananda, then turns up. He's having problems with his girlfriend (Asa Wang) and invites himself along.

You can find out more about the adventures they had making the film on location in Tibet in an article in The Nation.

There's an English-subtitled trailer, and it's embedded below.


  1. I enjoyed the movie thoroughly. Lovely film about love and loss and trying to find Shambhala of their own. But the Tibetan scripts at the credits were awful, by this I mean, they were not correct. Moreover, turning of the prayer wheels and circumambulating the temple are wrongly done. Tibetans turn prayer wheels clockwise, not anti clockwise as depicted in the movie.

  2. A nice cinematography but very weak, very bad plot. As a story this film not enough strong, logic, and clear story.


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