Thursday, April 8, 2010

Unreal Forest to make Asian premiere at Singapore fest

In an earlier roundup of the Singapore International Film Festival's line-up, I somehow missed that Jakrawal Nilthamrong's Unreal Forest is playing in the Cinema Today section, even though, if I remember correctly, I was specifically looking for it.

Perhaps it was just added, which is why I missed it earlier.

Part of the "Forget Africa" program commissioned for the International Film Festival Rotterdam -- Sherman Ong's Memories of a Burning Tree, in competition in Singapore, is another one -- Unreal Forest was made in Zambia by Jakrawal.

Here's how the SIFF programmers describe it:

A documentary-style film which shows Zambian independent filmmakers working hard to finish a film under severe limitations in terms of filmmaking resources as well as their own cinematic expertise. They have to make this film from the story written by Thai filmmakers — a process set up by Dutch project initiators looking to discover new cinematic gems from Africa. Through the process of the filmmaking, viewers are taken on a journey through the ancient folklores and Zambian filmmakers’ struggles, tracing back to the historical roots connecting Africa and Asia in a way never-before-imagined.

Unreal Forest and the whole Forget Africa lineup played at last month's 20th African, Asian and Latin American Film Festival in Milan.

There's a trailer at YouTube.

In Singapore, it's playing just once, on Wednesday, April 21. Tickets are to be on sale soon.

So that's two Thai films playing in the Singapore fest, Unreal Forest and Mundane History.

(Via Extra Virgin)

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