Saturday, January 14, 2006

Happy Children's Day

Children's Day? In the hardscrabble existence I was brought up in, in central Illinois, I remember asking when Children's Day was, when I noticed there was a Mother's Day, a Father's Day and other days. The reply I always got was: "Why, everyday is Children's Day."

That may be the case in Thailand as well, but Thailand loves its children so dearly, that it also has a special day set aside for them, January 14. In honor of that, I point toward a ThaiDay article in which best-actress winner Grace Techratanaprasert and leading boy Charlie Trairat from Fan Chan and the upcoming Dorm are interviewed.

Grace, or Narawan, currently starring in the girl-and-her-dog drama, A Bite of Love, wants to be a graphic designer when she grows up. She has a computer with all kinds of software at home, she says.

Charlie, who has his own website, wants to pilot single-engine airplanes.

In order to cry on cue, 9-year-old Grace thinks of her grandparents, who have passed away.

Charlie, 13, isn't sure what he's going to do when it comes time to cry. "Maybe I'll have to have onions for my crying scene."

Because of his film roles, Charlie gets teased a lot by his friends and his family. After Fan Chan, "they would tease me about being Focus' boyfriend and call me Jaeb, my name in the film."

Grace probably gets teased too, especially about that best-actress award, but "Sahamongkol won’t let me say anything about the awards," she told ThaiDay as she was hustled away by minders.

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