Wednesday, January 11, 2006

'Ong-Bak' for sumo

Singapore's Electric New Paper reports on the Malaysian crime farce Baik Punya Cilok (A Right Good Turn), that is a hit in Malaysia (2 million ringgit, or about US$500,000 in box-office receipts since it was released in December), but probably won't play in neighboring Singapore.

The film stars and is directed by Afdlin Shauki.

He says Singapore distributors are not interested. "I don't know why. According to the feedback I got, they are not keen," he told the New Paper. "I know of Singaporeans who are going to Johor to watch it and are posting messages on my blog about how much they liked it."

Baik Punya Cilok is about four best friends who break into a pawnshop to retrieve a family heirloom after the shop owner refuses to sell it back to them. But somebody else steals the heirloom and the four get blamed for the crime.

Afdlin has another film coming out, Buli Balik (Bully Back), a sequel to his 2003 film, Buli. It will be released on January 23, and it's more likely to get a limited release in Singapore.

Next up for Afdlin is Sumo-lah, about an association of sushi restaurants in Kuala Lumpur that hold an underground sumo tournament.

"It will be the Ong Bak for sumo," Afdlin told the New Paper.

He's hoping to recruit Singapore comic actor Gurmit Singh to star, as well as Thai actress Intira Jaroenpura from Nang Nak. According to Afdlin's blog, Intira is now working on MC Chatrichalerm Yukol's next film, Naresuan.

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