Saturday, January 21, 2006

This year's retrospective: Sombat Metanee

Sombat Metanee, a prolific Thai actor who once held the Guinness record for most filmed appearances (more than 600), will receive a Lifetime Achievement Award at this year's Bangkok International Film Festival, which will also pay tribute to Sombat with a retrospective that will include Tears of the Black Tiger - a rare chance to see that film screened.

"With as many women seduced as deadly stunts performed, Mr. Metanee is undeniably the standard for Thai action heroes," a festival press release says.

The line-up will begin with his very first action film, Tawan Lang Lued (The Blood Sun), from 1963. Next will be the hit action-comedy, Nuk Leng Tewada (The Holy Hoodlum) from 1975, which he also directed. There will also be two other films from the mid-1970s: a prison-escape film Narok Tarutao (The Hell of Tarutao) directed by Ruj Ronaphop, and the war epic Khun Suk (War Lord) directed by Sakka Jarujinda (and remade in recent years by Thanit Jitnukul).

The showcase closes with Wisit Sasanatieng's Fah Talai Jone (Tears of the Black Tiger).

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