Friday, May 5, 2006

Art of the Devil 2 at New York Asian Film Fest

A little catching up to do: The New York Asian Film Festival will show last year's Thai horror hit, Art of the Devil 2. The complete lineup of Asian films is listed over at Kaiju Shakedown.

Here's what Grady Hendrix, the festival organizer and keeper of the Kaiju blog, has to say about it:

Forget every Japanese horror movie you’ve ever seen, full of dead, wet, grumpy girls with bad haircuts. Art of the Devil 2 (no familiarity with Art of the Devil 1 required) only owes a sideways debt of paternity to Takashi Miike’s torture/dating film, Audition. A hit at the Thai box office, and winner of numerous audience and technical awards, this slick, sick flick is all about teachers and students and black magic. Eye-searingly beautiful Ms. Panor [Mamee Nakprasert], a teacher in the countryside, has six wonderful students. The wonderful students play a nasty prank on Ms. Panor and her reputation is ruined. Then they all go away to college. When they return to their hometown they discover that Ms. Panor seems happy, and even more beautiful than before. What they don’t know is that Ms. Panor has spent a lot of time learning black magic and summoning demons. What they don’t know is that she is a good teacher who still has lots to teach them. She wants to teach them about pain. She wants them to learn about suffering. She wants to help them open their third eye with a power drill. Directed by a team of seven filmmakers known as the Ronin Team, Art of the Devil 2 will remind you of your special time in high school. That is, if you attended high school in hell.

A sequel in name only, I couldn't get past the gory trailers and stomach-churning poster art to actually go see the movie, but this description makes me wish I had. I'm sure I'll pay for it years from now when the movie is eventually released on DVD overseas with English subtitles.

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