Thursday, May 11, 2006

Upcoming films: Khan Kluay, Noo Hin

I've been hunting around for downloadable trailers for the animated feature, Khan Kluay, but haven't had much luck (update: the website now has a crappy Flash trailer, which Twitch noticed). But I did find a gallery of stills over at Deknang.

After initially being a little put off by the character design (I thought it was too cute!), I've considerably warmed up to Khan Kluay, the first animated feature film to be produced and released in Thailand since 1979's cel-animated feature, The Adventure of Sudsakorn. I actually think it's pretty sweet and that the film is going to be awesome.

The animator, Kompin Kemgumnird, worked on Disney's Tarzan and Blue Sky Studios' Ice Age before returning to Thailand to work on Khan Kluay. Some of the character designs in Khan Kluay are very similar to Ice Age, especially a pair of what I think are civet cats, who bear a little resemblance to Scrat, the sabretooth squirrel. This is not a problem or criticism. I'm just pointing it out.

It's out in Thai cinemas on May 18.

Update: The Bangkok Post's Kong Rithdee reviews the film in today's Real Time section, and blasts it for jingoistic tendencies.

I'm also watching out for Noo-Hin: The Movie, due out in local theaters on June 1. Deknang has a good gallery for that, too.

Produced by Nonzee Nimibutr and directed by Komgrit Treewimol (Fan Chan, Dear Dakanda), I think Noo-Hin is going to be the hit film of the year. It's based on a popular Thai manga, about a plucky little house maid from Thailand's rural northeast (Isaan), who works for an upper-class family in Bangkok.

The actress who portrays the title role is the spitting image of the comic character, and she's a darling. I don't know how else to put it.

Promotional items for the film include a mask of her face, which you attach to your face with a couple of neon green barrets, which are provided with the mask.

She also stars in a "turn your phone off" promo that's showing before some films in local cinemas. It's a parody of a similar promo for Chicken Little, in which the title character was dancing to a techno tune, the phone rings and a chunk of sky falls on him. The Noo-Hin version is preferable.

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