Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Thai action movies in the news

Twitch reports that The Tiger Blade, a guilty pleasure of mine, is now available on DVD in Canada! Hopefully, it is uncensored.

In other Thai action film news, Twitch has links to a Japanese Tom Yum Goong trailer. They say it's in the same vein of wacky fun as the Born to Fight trailer the Japanese cut awhile back, and that I wish was still online. The Tom Yum Goong preview lacks a little in comparison with the Born to Fight clip, but it's still great fun, especially when a red arrow shows the height of the lamppost (2.5 meters) then Tony does a back-flip kick and shatters the lamp. Best thing, it's downloadable. So go get it.

In a somewhat related development, I was recently checking out more Japanese wackiness, courtesy of Midnight Coffee. They have links to two very graphic music videos and two hilarious energy drink commercials starring two great actors, Susumu Tarajima and Tadanobu Asano.

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