Friday, January 25, 2008

Chocolate star on the talk show circuit

Chocolate star Nicharee "Jeeja" Vismistananda appeared on Channel 5 Thailand's Joh Jai talk-variety show last night, performing live with some stuntmen and introducing an extended 2-minute clip of a scene from the film.

The clip, which appeared to be an entire scene, has her character taking on a group of guys in a boxing gym/warehouse, dispatching them with acrobatic techniques involving lots of Muay Thai kicks to heads and spinning like a dervish. It's pretty exciting, and I think it offers a taste of the bravura camera work that director Prachya Pinkaew employed with Tony Jaa on Tom Yum Goong.

I wasn't able to capture the scene, and I looked around in vain for a video from both the Channel 5 website and from Joh Jai. Hopefully, somebody did capture it and the segment will soon start popping up on video-sharing sites and torrent networks, if it hasn't already, to add to the already popular promo reels that have already flooded the 'Net.

For me, seeing the segment builds the anticipation about seeing this film, and feeling the excitement of watching the promotional efforts build and build, with such things as Chocolate comic books and a string of 10-story-high Chocolate billboards along the expressway.

Chocolate opens in Thailand cinemas on February 6.

(Via Deknang)

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