Thursday, January 3, 2008

Erap plans his comeback - in film

Ousted by the "People Power" revolution, held under house arrest on corruption charges and and then pardoned last year, former Philippines president Joseph "Erap" Estrada says he is going to make his comeback as an actor, according to news reports.

Like Ronald Reagan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Thailand's Sombat Metanee and other politicians, Estrada got his start in film, starring in more than 100 B-movies and action films from the 1950s to the 1980s.

From Wikipedia:

He often played heroes of the downtrodden classes, which gained him the admiration of a lot of the nation's many unschooled and impoverished citizens. This later proved advantageous to his political career.

He says his comeback will be "in the movies only". Agence France-Presse has more:

I was in jail for six years, I don't have money anymore," the former movie action star president and self-confessed womaniser said.

"People are already suffering and crying, we don't need to make them cry some more in a dramatic movie," he said, explaining his choice of a comedy for his comeback.

For more on old-timey Filipino cinema, check out Video 48 and FPJ (solely devoted to another Filipino actor-turned-politician, Fernando Poe, Jr.)

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