Monday, January 7, 2008

More about Kod, a.k.a. Handle Me With Care

The films directed by Kongdej Jaturanrasamee are among my favorites, those being the frankly sexual comedy Sayew and the woefully under-appreciated comedy-drama Midnight My Love (Cherm), which I wish in vain would be released on English-friendly DVD.

Since hearing about his upcoming new film, Kod, and seeing it described as a story about "a three-armed man and a big-bosomed girl", I wanted to find out more, so I went digging. There are posters and a few stills on More searching turned up a Thai Wikipedia article about the film, which states its English title as Handle Me With Care.

Trailers for Kod, due to open on February 21, supposedly exist. A link to YouTube from turned out to be a dead end to a removed video. A bit more searching turned up a page at Ad In Trend, but I couldn't get the thing to work. I'm sure more will be turned up in the coming weeks by other diggers.

Kod is being produced by GTH, which marks a move for Kongdej, whose previous two films were with Sahamongkol.

Kongdej is also a sought-after "hired gun" screenwriter. He did last year's Me ... Myself, the crazy Noo Hin: The Movie and 2004's weepy box-office smash, The Letter. And, yes, he wrote the screenplay for Tom Yum Goong, but do not hold that against him. I wonder if he had the phrase "where is my elephant!" stored on a hotkey on his keyboard?

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