Sunday, February 17, 2008

The horror: Soul's Code, The 8th Day, Phranakorn comedy open on February 28

Pick your favorite flavor of horror on February 28, when three Thai films open in local cinemas. There's bump-in-the-night ghost thrills in Soul's Code, mysterious, film noir atmosphere in the indie effort, The 8th Day, and all-out absurd comedy in something called Phi Tawaan Kab Archan Taa Boe.

From Alangkarn studio is Soul's Code, a thriller that appears to be a combination of a CSI: Miami episode and a Nissan car commercial.

M.L. Nuttakorn Taewakul stars as Detective Khan, who's assigned to investigate the case of a dead girl who's found folded up in a cardboard box. The body is taken to a forensic pathologist, Dr. Nicha, who cuts off the orange cloth used to bind the girl's wrists and ankles. The spirit of the dead girl seems to be trying to communicate with the investigators, which unnerves Dr. Nicha, and brings confused looks to the face of Khan.

Meanwhile, the dead girl's boyfriend, C (Patiwat Ruengsri) wanders aimlessly through the city, and sits listlessly on the edge of the roof of a building. The dead girl comes to sift her hands through his hair, and sit on his lap. She also smears bloody handprints across the paintjob of a tuned Nissan car.

The 8th Day is an interesting-looking, noirish psychological thriller, which I found out about a month ago. In black and white, it is directed by Chodchai Yoadsaranee and written by Warisara Puthpavana. According to the film's website, the story is about a mysterious old lady in a mysterious old house who abducts a little girl, whose entry into the house was witnessed by a young doctor, who then must figure out what to do.

As for Phi Tawaan Kab Archan Taa Boe, well, I have no idea what it's about, nor do I necessarily even care. It appears to be a loose collection of gags that somehow involve the krasue ghost - the Southeast Asian legend of a woman's head that floats about, trailing its entrails and feeding on the flesh of livestock. It's from Phranakorn Film, and it stars a bunch of comedians - the usual suspects like Note Chernyim and Kotee Aramboy.


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