Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Three more Jeeja clips

I feel like I've just emerged from the rabbit hole after finding several more video clips featuring Jeeja and her promotional efforts for Chocolate on YouTube.

First up is a clip from the Thailand Game Show 2008, which features Jeeja in a live show that acts as a dual promotion for Chocolate and Street Fighter II. It purports to pit Jeeja against some of the characters from Street Fighter.

The video was shot by a fan in the crowd, and the quality is not so good. Be forewarned: Turn your volume down, because the sound levels are at the only setting available in Thailand -- LOUD!

By the way, a new film adaptation of Street Fighter is in the works, with Bangkok mentioned as a location, and Come Drink With Me's Cheng Pei Pei mentioned among the cast. Twitch had more on that.

Next is a clip from the Chaibadin show on Thailand's ModernNine television. It is similar to the clips from the Jorjai show, but is shorter.

Humorously, Jeeja throws a quick kick at the hands of comic actor Pongsak "Teng" Pongsuwan, who co-hosts the show with comedy co-hort Choosak "Nong" Eamsuk and ubiquitous Thai TV hostess Mayura Sawettanun.

Last up is a short clip from a live show that Jeeja put on to promote Chocolate at The Mall Bang Kapi in suburban Bangkok.

And there are several more, including Jeeja (nattily turned out in a white jacket) just sitting and talking on a typical Thai yak show. She's chatting about the injury she received to her right eye, and the hard fall that hospitalized a stuntman, which are seen in the now-famous trailer. If you still haven't got enough of Jeeja, there's a photo montage-Valentine and a noisy remix of some various Jeeja clips.

More information:

(Via Shooting Pink)

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