Thursday, February 7, 2008

Valentine's Day in Thai cinemas: Ghosts and gays

A vengeful ghost and a lesbian and transvestite who switch bodies await moviegoers in Thai cinemas on Valentine's Day next Thursday.

From NGR, there's Valentine, in which a "tom" lesbian (Natthaweeranuch Thongmee) and a cross-dressing man (Chakrit Yamnam) accidentally switch bodies in a traffic collision in Phuket. According to the trailer, after they get over the initial shock, they adapt quite well, with the "tom" lesbian, now in a man's body, more comfortably enjoying her masculine swagger. The transvestite revels in her boost of femininity, and gives her new body a glamorous makeover. The trailer even hints at a romance between the two, which I don't want to puzzle over too much more at this point, if ever.

If screaming, mincing katoeys isn't your thing, then how about screaming socialites and their maids? That's all that Ghost-in-Law, from Nangsanook, appears to offer. Morakot "Aimee" Kittisara is a young woman who is married to a rich scion (Noppon Pitak-Iohpanitch), and the newlywed couple are given a huge mansion to live in by the groom's father. The bride's new money-grubbing mother-in-law (Noawarat Yuktanund), however, wants the mansion for herself. When the bride turns up dead somehow, she comes back as a ghost to haunt her in-laws, stretching her arms, twisting her neck around and proving impervious to the frightfully annoying screams of the living.


  1. Why is it that commercial Thai films all seem to feature shrieking gays and screaming women? I try not to watch these films, but unfortunately I can't avoid the trailers, which seem to be compilations of the loudest moments.

  2. Ghost in Law is the most intolerable of the two. I'm kind of curious to see Valentine, just to see how soft-headed it really is.

  3. Maybe it's fate, but at the cinema tonight we saw/endured the trailers for both of these films. I guess I shouldn't have complained this morning.


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