Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Naked in the Jungle

I wrote about the Phranakorn fantasy Deep in the Jungle back in April and kind of forgot about it until I saw some posts about it on Lyn's Lakorn Blog and at Twitch. Earlier tipped for release in July, Deep in the Jungle (Patiharn Rak Tang Pun) is now being readied for release on December 31.

In what appears to be a contemporary retelling of the Snake King's Child story, "Tik" Jesdaporn Pholdee stars as a former special forces soldier who falls in love with a woman (Ploy Jindachot) who is actually a snake.

And, remarkably, they go completely naked, according to BKKdreamer, who sent me news from Hunsa. Also, Spicy Forum has some discussion.

The movie marks a return to a leading movie role by Tik Jesdaporn, the Daeng Bireley's Young Gangsters star who got to swash some buckle as a pistol-packing prince in Queens of Langkasuka.

It is written and directed by Teerawat Rujeenatham, whose credits include cinematography on In the Shadow of the Naga.

The posters look great. But this being a Phranakorn production, I am keeping my expectations low. By all means, go into the jungle, but be very careful.


  1. Why would he do this do himself? Why?

    "And, remarkably, they go completely naked, according to BKKdreamer, who sent me news from Hunsa."

    You don't go nude for a D-rated sci-fi THAI flick. You just don't. what was he thinking? OY, I just got a headache.

  2. Ummmm? I don't get the "bad vibe" over this one. The Trailer doesn't look too bad to me, but possibly that's just that I don't get to see a lot of "snake woman" films in my part of the world.

    Maybe I'm neutral about it because I don't really have any opinion on Jesdaporn Pholdee as a soap opera star..... to me an actor is simply an actor.

    It's one I'll probably want to see if I can find it when it comes out.

  3. I love snake women films, and I think Jesdaporn is a fine leading man, despite the Nic Cage hair.

    The reason for my trepidation over Deep in the Jungle is that it's from Phranakorn, a company that does fine with comedies for Thai audiences. But when they've reached into the realm of action and fantasy with an eye on the international market, the results have been less than spectacular.

    That said, I haven't seen their horror effort from last year, Perng Muang the Haunted Drum. I wonder if I should make an effort to track it down.

    And I would love it if Deep in the Jungle so blew me away that I could include in my year-end top five.

    I will try to see it without any expectations whatsoever.

  4. I wish I could say "The Haunted Drum" was a must see, but it was only average in my opinion.....

    I rather liked the original "Headless Hero"(ผีหัวขาด)from them, although the sequel wasn't as nice.

    Now that I look at their track record, I suppose I usually have better luck with Sahamongkol Films when it comes to those Thai films I really like.


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