Monday, November 10, 2008

Pen-ek's next film is Nymph

Reporting from the American Film Market, Todd Brown at says that Pen-ek Ratanaruang's next project is called Nymph, and it will start shooting next month as a joint production by Five Star and Fortissimo Films.

Says Todd: "I'm told that while Ratanaruang would likely object to it being termed a horror film, Nymph has a definite supernatural element."

I am guessing this is the project Pen-ek mentioned to me back in January, in which he said he's "going into the jungle".

Meanwhile, comments at Twitch remind me that, no, there's still no English-friendly DVD release of Pen-ek's latest, Ploy. However it does appear that the unsubtitled Thai DVD -- Matthew Hunt has a recent review -- is the original "erect nipples" version and not the censored edit that Pen-ek prepared for Thai cinemas.

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  1. as far as i can recall, "ploy" has been certified for release in HK. no guarantee of a DVD release, but you never know.

    ...watched "chocolate" last night, on the UK BR (yes, zone-free; apparently the extras are in PAL though). the transfer is lovely, in fact it just shows up how cheaply made the film is, with sets obviously looking like sets. the action, not as as imaginative and jaw-dropping as "ong bak", is assisted by heavy sound and film editing, perhaps by some wires at less obvious times. if i didn't find her so strangely alluring (as an actress, a young woman) i probably would have drifted away a lot earlier. nice, but no classic, i think.


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