Thursday, November 6, 2008

Time for a change ... and a break

I felt a tingling, connected feeling when I cast my ballot on Tuesday in Southern Illinois. And as I watched the returns that night -- it was Comedy Central where I heard the news first that Barack Obama had won the election -- I felt directly responsible for the results -- satisfaction of having done my civic duty, and that my vote might actually make a positive difference.

It's a feeling I've not had for a long time, having lived in Thailand these past many years and watched with powerless frustration at the continual manipulation and morphing of the Kingdom's democratic processes.

It's good to be back in another place I call home, though eventually I'm sure I'll grow homesick for Bangkok and the realities of my routine there.

For the moment, I am finding it difficult to keep focused on the Thai movie scene. I have a backlog of two or three posts that I have been working on intermittently and that I hope to finish eventually. And there will hopefully be new, interesting experiences to write about from some travels in the coming days.

But the frequency of my posting will likely be reduced for the next several weeks. I hope you all understand.

(Obama - Hope Poster via spaceninja/flickr)


  1. But you'll be back, will you?!

    Congrats by the way, well done America.

  2. I'm also glad that Obama won the election. Hope there will be a lot of good changes and hopes in incoming days.
    Anyway, as one of my valuable information sources to Thailand film, I'll be missing your posts along your break session Wise Kwai. Hope you'll be soon keep on the track again.

  3. why now man. Ong Bak 2 is a month away and was looking forward to your review.
    anyway, hope you'l be back shortly and please continue your Thai film post.


  4. I wish I was there in the US myself when Obama won.

    Have a nice break!


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