Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Commie comedy in Blue Sky of Love

Around 30 years have passed since the communist insurgency in Thailand, so isn't it about time for a film that recalls those times, in a way that's sensitive yet dramatically compelling?

Oh, yeah. Bhandit Rittakol already did that with 14 tula, songkram prachachon (The Moonhunter) way back in 2001. It covered the bloody crackdown on student protests in Bangkok on 14 October 1973 and the subsequent flight of protest leaders to join the communist fighters in rural northeast Thailand. The movie was co-written by Seksan Prasertkul, one of the protest leaders.

But there's probably plenty more stories to tell from those times. So how about further serious look into this chapter of Thailand's history?


I guess we'll have to settle for Blue Sky of Love (Fah Sai Huajai Chuenbaab), which is being put out this week by a company called RMG. It supposedly follows the bloody events of 6 October 1976, which was controversially in the news last year during Samak Sundaravej's tenure as prime minister

But Blue Sky of Love doesn't appear to be serious at all, nor does it appear to be very much of the romance it purports to be.

No, with the likes of comic actors Kom Chuancheun and Suthon Wechkama, it appears the relationship of lead actors Pitchaya Watchajittaphan and Romchut Kamsiri is just an afterthought.

The posters for this movie are pretty cool though - like propaganda leaflets. There's some huge ones at 2Bangkok.com's forum. And there's a trailer at YouTube. It's embedded at the bottom. It gave me a headache, so I'm not sure how well it really advertises the movie.

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  1. Apparently the chubby guy in the middle like to hit on girls. Even at the age 16. Is it just me or you find that disgusting?


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