Friday, January 16, 2009

Chocolate release in U.S.: Taste the Fury on February 6

Ahead of the February 10 release of the DVD and Blu-ray by Magnet, Chocolate will get a limited theatrical run in the U.S. from February 6.

Kung Fu Cinema has the details, via the Magnolia website. It's coming to Boulder, Denver, New York, Austin, Dallas and Seattle.

Kung Fu Cinema also gives a rundown on the running times for Chocolate's various releases from the U.K. to Malaysia -- all are at around 90 minutes down from the 110-minute Thai version.

Ordinarily I oppose these "international cuts" on general principle, but frankly in Chocolate's case, I don't think it makes much difference. Seeing how the movie's rated R in the States, I don't think that any of the violence has been edited out.

Action-movie lovers will still be able to "Taste the Fury" as it says on the U.S. poster.

Update: IGN has the U.S. trailer. See also: Film School Rejects.

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  1. I have the Thai disc, and the running time for it isn't the stated 110 minutes, more like 90 minutes or so, and I'm wondering if the Theatrical release was longer or there were edits made for it's release to DVD.

    In any event, remember that the Thai disc is PAL and the new Magnet US release (as well as the HK one) will be in NTSC so there will be a difference in run time anyway, with the US version being shorter by say 5 or 6 minutes anyway as a result.


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