Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rumors of leading man for Jeeja Project

That the next movie for Chocolate star Jeeja Yanin Vismistananda would have a romantic angle was mentioned awhile back, and as the film, for now tentatively titled simply Jeeja Project, is being readied for release this year (probably around mid-year), more details are emerging.

Rashane Limtrakul, who directed the highly stylized Joop (Kiss) segment of the recent 4 Romances omnibus, is helming Jeeja Project, with Prachya Pinkaew as producer. Jeeja will play an ordinary young woman and display a fuller range of dramatic emotions than she did as the autistic Zen in Chocolate. Heck, she'll even get to speak!

That much is confirmed.

But rumors have it that the leading man in the movie will be French-Vietnamese martial-arts stuntman Kazu from the French martial-arts trio Tri-X, which have been working with stunt guru Panna Rittikrai for several years now.

In an interview on TV station Modernine (here's a subtitled clip on YouTube), Rashane is asked about the rumor, which he neither confirms nor denies.

Kung Fu Cinema has more about Tri-X and the Jeeja Project rumor. Head on over and have a look.

Update: Twitch weighs in as well.

(Via Kung Fu Cinema and Kung Fu Cinema forum)

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