Friday, July 10, 2009

An early look at Raging Phoenix (updated with trailer)

Ahead of seeing Wongkamlao over the long weekend, I caught the teaser trailer for Chocolate star Jeeja Yanin's new action film Du Suay Doo (ดื้อ สวย ดุ, "stubborn, beautiful and fierce"), also known as Raging Phoenix.

It opens with her in what looks to be a highly advanced, backbreaking yoga position, in a handstand with her body arched out like a bridge, but her feet aren't touching the ground. Amazing.

The clip then moves fast and furious, showing her giving a beat down to guys and getting her face mussed up.

Co-star Kazu is in the teaser, appearing as one of the guys backing up Jeeja's character. There's no hints of romance, nor drum playing -- just butt kicking. And there is plenty of the slick but gritty stylization that is the work of director Rashane Limtrakul.

The trailer fits the look of a teaser poster that debuted on Pantip (via Bangkok 1080). Lyn's Lakorns has a behind-the-scenes look at the photo session for that.

Deknang's Popcornmag forum notes that the theatrical teaser makes reference to July 16 being a significant date for something to happen with the promotion of the film, which is due for release on August 12.

Update: Deknang has loaded its page of images and info.

Update 2: Twitch has the trailer, and it's embedded below.

Update 3: Here's the Popcornmag thread and the trailer at YouTube.

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