Saturday, July 4, 2009

Trailer for Thai horror 6:66

While the Thai film industry has shifted away from gory horror to focus instead on goopy romance, it's good to see there's still some horror films in the pipeline.

Coming up next from Sahamongkol Film International is 6:66 -- 6:66 ตายไม่ได้ตาย, or 6:66 dtaai mai dai dtaai, literally 6:66 Die Not Die.

It's directed by Takeaw Ruengratana and written by Punlop Sinjaroen and produced by Work Point Entertainment, marking a change of pace from the company's Teng Nong/Nong Teng comedies.

It stars Susie-Susira Angelina Nanna as Dao, a crime reporter who starts seeing weird and scary things after someone who was supposed to die doesn't die, causing a rip in the fabric between life and death. Jason Young also stars.

The trailer is at YouTube, and it's embedded below. Watch it to the very end.

6:66 opens in Thai cinemas on July 30.

Update: The English title is Death Happens.

(Via CinemaAsia@Twitter, posters at Popcornmag)


  1. Wow, this is like a remix of a few Thai horror movies mixed in with Final Destination. From the trailer it seems like it'll be a good movie, but I'm afraid it'll be one of those that will disappoint also.

    I'm a horror fantic and will watch it for sure, but hopefully it can grab my attention for more then 20 minutes.

    Thanks for the posts ^^

  2. Mmmmmm? So will this silly girl want to watch this one?

    Yes.... (but then I'm soooo easily convinced...)

    As always, thanks for the head's up on it Kwai, I'll be keepin' my lil' eyes peeled for the DVD.


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