Thursday, July 9, 2009

Wongkamlao books 50 million baht, now on to Yam Yasothon 2

Mum Jokmok's latest directorial effort Wongkamlao was tipped to top 100 million baht as of today by Daily Xpress. I'm told the parody of Thai high society and soap operas earned 50 million baht in its first five days of release since July 1.

It opened on the same day as Pen-ek Ratanaruang's Nymph from Five Star, which had nowhere near as strong a showing, despite the Wednesday opening and a five-day holiday weekend. The final tally will hopefully be revealed in the coming weeks as the Thailand box office index is updated.

Will Wongkamlao's strong opening top the Hollywood entries Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen -- which had sold-out shows at Bangkok's IMAX on its opening weekend -- and Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs? I doubt it.

Meanwhile, Mum is already at work on his fifth directorial effort, heading back to the countryside and his more-familiar Isaan surroundings with Yam Yasothon 2, the sequel to his 2005 smash-hit country comedy.

If you remember at the end of the first film, Mum's character Yam and his amorous wife Juei (Janet Keaw) have become the parents of a large brood of children, and Yam Yasothon 2 will presumably deal with them.

Playing a daughter is none other than Mum's real-life daughter, "Em" Busarakam Wongkamlao, who's on a break from her studies in the U.S., where she was majoring in film. She's heading back for a master's in business entertainment, Daily Xpress says. Also in the cast is young "Mick" Paytai Wongkamlao, who's grown up considerably since his turn as a curly-haired smart-alec in Power Kids.

“Why would we use strangers since we know that they can both act?” Mum is quoted as saying in Daily Xpress.

Em's cast as one of the romantic leads, playing opposite "Dim" Harin Suthamjaras from the rock group Tattoo Color.

Lyn's Lakorns has pictures from the production-starting prayer ceremony, and says nephew "Gof" Jon Wongkamlao, the son of his sister Waewwow Jokmok is also in the cast.

(Via Daily Xpress, Lyn's Lakorns, Bangkok 1080)

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