Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bangkok Traffic (Love) Story rides the box office

Bangkok Traffic (Love) Story (Rot Fai Faa ... Maha Na Ter) has been the top film at Thailand's biggest multiplex chain for the past two weeks.

This past weekend at Major Cineplex, BT(L)S bested Sahamongkol's newly released horror omnibus Maha'lai Sayong Kwan (Haunted Universities) and another new release for Thailand, the Bruce Willis robot thriller Surrogates. Also hanging in the top five for a second week was Law Abiding Citizen. The Jerry Bruckheimer-Disney talking rodents comedy G-Force was still in fifth place from the previous weekend.

Missing in action in that top 5 is Slice, the twisty thriller from Five Star Production and director Kongkiat Komesiri and writer Wisit Sasanatieng. People want to see CGI guinea pigs more than a murder movie? Apparently.

The big success of BT(L)S will likely encourage studio GTH. Like the studio's Haa Phrang horror anthology, which topped the box office back in September, BT(L)S has celebrated more than 100 million baht in earnings and made star Cris Horwang the studio's 100 million baht baby.

I think this coming weekend will be dominated by Michael Jackson's This Is It, but there are a total of nine other movies, including three Thai films, opening in Bangkok's cinemas.

Update: Nangdee has a box-office chart that has earnings. The chart for October 22-25 has BT(L)S was No. 1 with 30.3 million baht, Maha'lai Sayong Kwan with 15.5 million baht and Slice in fifth place with 2.4 million baht.

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