Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Superstar is super raunchy

The second season of Superstar has started airing on Modernine and is already causing controversy. It's a reality TV talent series, similar to Dancing With the Stars, in which experienced showbiz people are looking for a new challenge or a boost in their celebrity. This season's theme is "Fantasy World", so fantastically outrageous costumes and behavior are the rule. Lekha Shankar was in the studio audience for a recent broadcast, and she sent this report.

Story and photos by Lekha J. Shankar

The Superstar reality show was a super-raunchy event last weekend, with a no-holds barred stance from the Thai stars that surprised and shocked the audience.

As a first-timer attending the live show at the Krystal Design Centre on Ramindra Road, it was a sensational introduction to Thailand's super-cool superstars.

Last week’s show focused on a bevy of international dances and the display of bare bellies, breasts and much brazen energy.

The Brazilian dance featured muscular Matthew Deane swaying his hips provocatively, the climax coming with his female partner ripping his shorts at the back, revealing a pair of well-endowed bums!

Then came the Egyptian bellydance, where actresses "Ming" Chalisa Boonkrongsub and "Kratae" Supaksorn Chaimongkol clung and clawed "mummified" rapper-actor-model Nicky “The Stick” Sura Theerakol. He was over-wrapped in white mummy-clothes, but showed he was not "dead" by repeatedly pointing to his crotch. The climax came when the two actresses knocked him down and then lingeringly kissed each other.

In the final number, singer Tata Young's ex-boyfriend Prem Busarakamwong threw off his shirt, revealing deadly six-pack abs, but it was actress Mamee in her skimpy gold-sequinned attire, black braid and "bindi" who stole the show, with her sizzling Bollywood dance number. She put Mumbai’s actresses to shame with her lush body and lethal movements, partnered by the animal-like "Aon" Sarawut Martthong, who pawed, licked, kissed her all over, and would not stop, even after the song had ended.

And all this, for family audiences, on live, free-to-air broadcast television?

It was an action-packed show to be certain, and it was an amusing to see lots of teenyboppers in the audience, cheering and rooting for their favourite stars.

Slim, small-built actor Oil Thana was the most unimpressive star in the show, but his orange-shirted fan club were the most vociferous.

It was also amusing to see some people in the audience confusing fair-skinned singer and actress Nathalie Davis with former Miss Universe, and now tennis star Paradorn’s wife, Natalie Glebova.

But guess who made the strongest impression? That would have to be former male boxer turned female model Nong Toom! Her life story was made famous by the much-talked-about film Beautiful Boxer and she sure looked beautiful and strong with her red skimpy outfit and raunchy charm.

It takes tremendous courage and confidence to partake in a popular TV show with alongside such experienced talents, but judging by the many fans who wanted to pose for photographs with Nong Toom after the event, it looks like she will become more famous as a TV star than as a world-renowned boxer.

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