Tuesday, October 6, 2009

On DVD in Singapore: Hormones

Songyos Sugmakan's award-winning romantic comedy, Hormones (Pid Term Yai Huajai Wawun, ปิดเทอมใหญ่ หัวใจว้าวุ่น) has been released on DVD in Singapore. And yes, unlike a previous release elsewhere, it has English subtitles.

MovieXclusive has it.

Here's the synopsis:

This summer break, the love stories of four distinctive flavors take place all across Thailand in Hormones. Best buddies Phu and Mai will battle it out for the heart of the same girl. Meanwhile, Joe wears sincerity on his sleeves as he decides to put the knowledge of love he learned from books and movies into good use by confessing the crush he has on his university friend, Cee. High-schooler O-lek has a different kind of crush. She has never met him in person but that is not a problem for her to adore a Taiwanese pop-star Ti-Ti. Things are tough for Hern, a boy who has to fight a giant temptation when his girlfriend is away when he meets a sexy Japanese siren aboard a train.

It's a cast of the GTH all-stars, including Charlie Trairat, Michael Sirachuch, Chienthaworn, Ratchu Surajaras, Chutima Theepanat, Focus Jirakul and Chanthavit Sunasewee along with Lu Ting Wei and former AV star Sora Aoi.

(Thanks Logboy, Linus and Kevin!)


  1. When I sent an e-mail asking where they had sold distribution rights to about a month and a half ago, when I was looking for a copy of the movie, the Associate International Director told me that the movie was sold (or was to be sold) in Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Guess that covers Malaysia and Singapore.

    I had also asked if there would soon be any news about a newer release, Dear Galileo. But I guess it's too soon for them to say anything about that, since it was left out of the response.

  2. Although it has been 1.5 years late, 'at least' it arrived here with subtitles. We've already watched it last year on the silver screen but, still, I might get a copy of this as a collection. In fact, I'm curious to know how the spoonerism in the movie is translated. (What kind of horse stay on the tree?)

    Don't miss the OST 'Yang Noi' (at least) by Big Ass.

  3. The puns on the DVD I bought (if you didn't read my reply to the original Taiwan DVD post, it was the Malaysian version) were replaced by jokes probably designed to be understandable by English audiences. The "horse in the tree" joke was replaced by a joke like:

    "What kind of drink stays in a tree?"
    "A Cola Bear!" (not verbatim)

    I don't know how Thai people reacted to the original version, but I never found wordplay to be particularly cute or funny. Still, the overall quality like spelling and grammar were mostly perfect. Certainly beats a fansubbed version I read prior to owning it. The scene with the characters Aoi and Hern in the train where Hern was talking to his friend on the cell phone?

    On the DVD it was translated as: "She's so doable!"
    Where the fansubbed version said: "Very #$%&(!*%#!" (yes, they used symbols...)

    I distinctly remember that because "She's so doable!" actually got a good chuckle out of me.


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