Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bangkok Adrenaline getting U.K. DVD release

Written, produced and starring martial-arts actors and stuntmen, Bangkok Adrenaline will be released on DVD in the U.K. on March 22 by Optimum Home Entertainment. Amazon.co.uk has it.

Directed by Raimund Huber, the story involves a group of foreigner backpackers who are roped into a scheme to kidnap a beautiful young heiress ("Pu" Priya Suandokmai). Daniel O'Neill stars along with 7-foot-tall stunt actor Conan Stevens (who also co-wrote with Huber and Gregory T. Eismin) and Gwion Jacob Miles. Stunt and action coordinators included Marky Lee Campbell, Pangrit Sangcha and Ron Smoorenburg.

The movie was released in Thai cinemas last year with a Thai soundtrack only in order to prevent piracy and maximize the exclusivity of selling the film to English-language markets. So this release in the U.K. will be the first time it's available with its original soundtrack.

(Via Kung Fu Cinema)


  1. With the English release you'll find it is a different edit, as from what I have been informed the distributor for each market gets the raw footage too and can re-edit the movie to suit the locality.

    As in "Tom Yum Goong" getting re-edited for US release as "The Protector".

    I myself am looking forward to seeing this, I liked the Thai edition, and have been wondering about an English release version.

  2. Thanks Conan! It's been a long time coming. Congratulations.

  3. I'm glad this one is finally going to be available for me!!

    Definitely gonna go on this lil' Catgirl's pre-order list over at Amazon.uk!

  4. A new film of the makers of Bangkok Adrenaline: DRAGONWOLF




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