Friday, March 5, 2010

Water buffalo roam in Bang Rajan 2 trailer

Finally, some decent water buffalo battle action in the upcoming Bang Rajan 2 (บางระจัน ๒), director Thanit Jitnukul's sequel/reboot of his 2000 patriotic battle epic, which appears to be just as blood-soaked, violent and full of sword-clanging rage as the first film.

Similar to the Alamo of Texas, the story is based on a legend of a tiny farming village that fought the Burmese invaders, despite overwhelming odds. They beat their plowshares into swords, melted their rakes and shovels into new implements of destruction. Lacking horses, the town drunk mounted his water buffalo and rode into battle, swinging axes. Even the womenfolk got in on the two-fisted sword action, lopping off heads. In their brave sacrifice, the plucky fighters kept the enemies engaged long enough for the capital at Ayutthaya to put up a proper defense and save itself.

Bang Rajan was one of the first to "go inter" during those heady years when Thai films were becoming known to wider international audiences. Stars included Winai Kraibutr from Nang Nak, with actress Bongkote Kongmalai making her debut. In the U.S., the film was "presented by Oliver Stone", who again championed the film in a recent Bangkok appearance.

Produced by Phranakorn, stars in this new version include veteran leading man Chatchai Plengpanich, and, making his acting debut, former tennis ace Paradorn Srichaphan, who's traded in his racket for broadswords.

The sequel promises a reprise of the water buffalo charge, this time with more water buffalo! Also, there will hopefully be more moustaches than the timid caterpillar spotted on Nok Chatchai's upper lip.

There's a trailer on YouTube, and it's embedded below.

Twitch has the trailer too, and a gallery of burnished stills, suitable for framing.

Bang Rajan 2 opens in Thai cinemas on March 25.

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