Thursday, March 25, 2010

New HD English-subtitled trailer for The Edge of the Empire

There's a hot new trailer for Kantana's historical epic Kon Tai Ting Pandin (คนไท ทิ้งแผ่นดิน), a.k.a. The Edge of the Empire.

Posted at YouTube in high-def with English subtitles, the new reel shows off the work of filmmaker Paul Spurrier. The director of the bargirl witchcraft thriller P served as director of photography on The Edge of the Empire.

Directed by Nirattisai Kaljareuk, it's been in production for four years -- much of it in post-production, giving it the "most extensive CG background work of any Thai film yet produced," says the YouTube description.

It's based on the legends of the heroic struggles and sacrifices of the ancient ethnic Tai people.

Among the cast is songs-for-life icon Ad Carabao, who stars as the leader of a Tai group. He also wrote and sings the movie’s title track.

"I feel passionate about a story that urges Thais to love each other and unite," Ad was quoted as saying by Soopsip in The Nation recently. "This is a very timely film."

According to Ad, Nirattisai "really studied the background of the Tai and every bit of the history to get everything perfect."

Kon Tai Ting Pandin is set for release on April 10. The trailer is embedded below.

There's also more posters.

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