Monday, June 1, 2009

Another awards ceremony, another actress, another controversy over a revealing dress

The best part about awards ceremonies in Thailand isn't when your favorite filmmaker or actor is handed a gleaming trophy -- it's when the actresses attending the ceremony try to outdo each other on who can look the sexiest, or skankiest, depending on your viewpoint.

This year, for the Star Entertainment Awards, the honor goes to veteran actress "Jik" Naowarat Yuktanan and her revealing number with a slit up her entire left side and half a jewel-beaded bikini top to cover one of her breasts.

According to Dirtii Laundry, the dress is very expensive, costing "almost 100,000 baht".

The black frock immediately drew comparisions to that dress worn by "Amy" Chotiros Suriyawong at the Suphannahong Awards in 2007.

Naowarat has been criticized for her barely there choice of evening wear, but the condemnation has been nowhere near as harsh as it was for the then-19-year-old Amy. After Amy wore that dress, she was cut out of a movie deal at Sahamongkol Film International, was made to issue a public apology -- reduced to tears in doing so -- and perform community service work. I don't know what ever happened to Amy after that, but I don't think she's working in show business -- that career was ruined, just because she wore a sexy dress at an awards show.

As for Naowarat, the controversy is obviously what she wants -- it's great publicity. And at age 51, with a well-established showbiz career that stretches back to the 1970s and includes more than 300 films, the notoriety won't hurt her at all.

She went on a Channel 3 talk show last week and was questioned by hard-ball interviewer Sorrayuth Suthassanajind, who tried to get her to admit the dress was too explicit. Soopsip in today's Daily Xpress has more:

At my age and with this kind of figure, I like to dress up to impress people,” she says. “I’d like to thank fans for their support and hope they understand me.”

“The dresses I wear to go dancing are much more revealing. You can see right through. But this dress is nothing because inside I’ve got a stocking all over. I’d like to send the dress to you, Khun Sorrayuth so you can touch it and feel the support throughout the dress.”

The talk-show host was reportedly left gape-mouthed and practically speechless after that.

Looking at the gallery of photos at Kapook, I can kind of see a sheer, stocking-like material filling the gap. But I don't want too look too hard or too long.

Naowarat was a nominee at the Star awards for her supporting role in last year's comedy Ghost-in-Law. She was also in the body-swap romance Valentine, which came out at the same time. Other recent films include the kiddie sports comedy Dream Team -- playing the overbearing mother of the team's "chubby" kid -- and the musical romp Super Hap. Also last year Naowarat competed in the Modernine reality series Superstar, which Lyn's Lakorns describes as "a show where they make D-list Thai stars do crazy musical numbers on stage."

Lyn's Lakorns has more photos from the Star Entertainment Awards.

And the Thai Film Foundation forum has more on Naowarat's long career.

(Nation photo by Warisara Wuthikul; other photos via Kapook)


  1. "The dresses I wear to go dancing are much more revealing"

    I'd like to know the place she goes dancing at night. Sb knows?

    I agree, its not really fair in comparison to the Amy "scandal". But quite typical here to have double standards.

    Just let them wear what they want I guess... so people sth to gossip about!

  2. This dress and the one worn by Amy are by no means revolutionary or even unique. They look almost exactly like the "safety pin" dress in which Elizabeth Hurley appeared as she accompanied Hugh Grant to the premiere of Four Weddings and a Funeral in 1994. That famous Versace black dress pretty much catapulted Hurley to global fame (because she totally rocked it unlike ...). Poor Amy seems to have experienced the exact opposite. As for Naowarat, I think she got what she hoped to get.

  3. It is their pride of their sexuality. Women are easily to be judged by the community. Amy incident clearly portrayed Thai media's attitude towards Thai woman. At least her dress looked better than Naowarat's, IMO.


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