Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thai trailer for the Thai version of Pen-ek's Nymph

Todd Brown at Twitch says there are two versions of Pen-ek Ratanaruang's new thriller Nymph (Nang Mai, นางไม้) -- one the quiet arthouse thriller that played to mixed reviews in Cannes and the other a "more commercial and horror tinged" cut that will play for Thai audiences.

To go with that Thai version, there's now a Thai trailer, which is louder and jumpier than the international sales trailer from Fortissimo.

Now, I wonder about all this: Would the Thai version have played to a more positive reception at Cannes? Are there really two versions? What are the differences? Could it be just a marketing ploy by Five Star to fool arthouse-wary audiences into watching an arthouse film by calling it a horror film?

Pen-ek did something similar with his previous film Ploy, with an international "erect nipples" version that played at festivals and a censored edit for Thai theatrical release. However, it's apparently the original international version of the film that went to DVD in Thailand and elsewhere.

I wonder which version of Nymph will ultimately be sold?

Ordinarily I get a little miffed at knowing there's a different version of the film being shown at festivals than in Thailand -- resent the idea of it actually -- but in the case of Nymph, it sounds like the Thai version might be "better".

Twitch has the Thai trailer, and it's on YouTube, and I've embedded it below.

Update: Daily Xpress reports that there will indeed be two versions of the film and that both will be shown in Thai cinemas.

(Via; photo via Deknang)

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