Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The ghost of a katoey sports comedy that won't go away

In 2002, director Sukij Narin followed up his controversially awful sex comedy Sin Sisters (ผู้หญิง 5 บาป, Phu Ying Ha Bap) -- considered a cult classic in some quarters -- with a sports comedy called Phee Katoey, about a dead football goalkeeper who has his body inhabited by the spirit of a gay transvestite man.

Phee Katoey was never released. Sahamongkol Film International executive producer Somsak "Sia Jiang" Techaratanaprasert, who feared his reputation would be damaged if he released such an awful film, shelved it.

But now it's back, and it opens in Thai cinemas tomorrow. Can't blame Sia Jiang for wanting to make a little money on a film that's just sitting, reputation be damned.

Now called Phee Tum Tim (ผีตุ๋มติ๋ม), this comedy stars Veeraphab Suphabpaibool as Thanom, a goalkeeper for Thailand's national soccer team who dies of head injury during a match. He wakes up inhabited by the spirit of a gay transvestite man named Sa-ngiam (Jim Chuanchuen). Thep Po-ngam also stars.

I saw the trailer half a dozen times over the weekend at the World Comedy Film Festival. I've seen enough. But have a look if you want. The trailer is at YouTube, and I've embedded it below.

(Via Daily Xpress)

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