Saturday, June 6, 2009

On DVD in the U.K.: Fireball, 4Bia

Making what I believe is its first appearance on English-subtitled DVD is Thanakorn Pongsuwan's Fireball, a gritty, action-packed sports drama in which the object of the game is to make one basket without being crippled or killed.

With all the shaky cam, and jarring, close-cropped framing of the bruising Muay Thai-basketball action, I think Fireball might play better on the small screen, and a recent review by Something to Sing About strengthens that notion. Perhaps one day I shall see it again.

4Bia, the four-part horror omnibus from the thrill specialists at GTH was previously issued on DVD in Hong Kong. I've been enjoying it thoroughly. Thinking about watching it again, actually. Looking forward to the sequel.

Black Hole DVD Reviews got 4Bia on DVD from Malaysia, gave it a look and a mixed opinion. And that's cool too.

Both due for release in the U.K. on October 19, Fireball and 4Bia are listed at

(Thanks Logboy!)


  1. here's "fireball" on DVD and BD at Amazon :

    "4Bia" on R2 UK DVD at Amazon :

    couple of additions. here's R2 UK DVD of "Ghost Game" at Amazon :
    i think that's not the first subbed disc of that, though. thai disc?

    and "opapatika" is coming out on R2 UK early in 2009.
    recently released with similar international title in the USA too.

  2. oh, and here's korea's subbed DVD of "ong bak 2"

    and singapore's subbed DVD of "coming soon", which nobody seems to be that interested in anymore ...


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