Saturday, August 15, 2009

New synopsis for The Sanctuary

Last I heard, stuntman Mike B. and director Thanapon Maliwan's The Sanctuary had a market screening at Cannes, and a trailer was released.

But despite what it says on that poster there, May has come and gone and no Sanctuary in cinemas.

Then an inquiring reader reminded me about it at practically the same time I came across The Sanctuary's Thai title -- สามพันโบก (Sam Pan Bohk or loosely "3,000 treasures" but even more literally "3,000 long-handled royal ceremonial umbrellas") -- and then a link at Deknang led me to the production company Film Frame's website and a new synopsis:

In 1897, the Poisoned Knife clan broke into the royal palace of Thailand to steal the royal antiques which the King intended to give to America as a reward for its help in negotiations that avoided Thai territorial cuts. The clan succeeded in stealing the antiques, but the thieves didn’t escape with their lives. Before their deaths, they hid the antiques somewhere close to the palace. During his interrogation, the last bandit chose to end his life by Master Sawang’s sword and let the place where the royal antiques were hidden die with him.

Now, Wisa (Winston Omega), the mafia boss whose ancestor masterminded the theft of the antiques wants to find them so he hires Patrick (Russell Wong – Romeo Must Die, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor), the former director of the U.S. military's National Subterranean Exploration Unit, to search for the lost antiques. Using U.S. Army satellite scans, Patrick and Selina (Patharawarin Timkul – Bangkok Dangerous, Jan Dara), the beautiful and sexy assassin, retrieve them from beneath the Thai temple where Krit (Mike B – Brave), Master Sawang’s great grandson and a gifted martial artist resides as a temple boy. When they steal the antiques from the temple, it’s down to Krit with the help of Paifah (Intira Jaroenpura – Nang Nak, King Naresuan 2), an archaeology student to retrieve them. Together they fight against the powerful greedy group of thugs. Will they be able to save Thailand’s national treasures?

The Pantip movie release calendar has The Sanctuary penciled in for sometime in October.

(Via Deknang/Popcornmag)

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