Friday, August 7, 2009

13th Thai Short Film and Video Festival competition line-up released

The Short Film Marathon wrapped up last Sunday, and after culling through 600 or 700 entries, the organizers have their competition line-up ready for the 13th Thai Short Film and Video Festival.

Among them are 13 shorts for the Payute Ngaokrachang Award animation competition. There are eight films in the Duke Award line-up, 15 for the White Elephant Special Medal for high-school student films, 20 for the White Elephant Medal for college films, and 14 up for the top-prize R.D. Pestonji Award.

The Digital Forum program is also listed.

Check it out at the Thai Film Foundation.

Limitless Cinema has been hitting the Marathon, and has grades for the films seen each day. My time is limited and the posts are too numerous to briefly catalog here. Just hit the blog and look for the entries that start with "new Thai films I saw on ..."

The 13th Thai Short Film and Video Festival starts next Thursday, August 13, and runs until August 23 (except Mondays) at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre.

Update: The fest kicks off at 6.30 on Thursday, August 13. Get there early to reserve your seat. Kong Rithdee says he expects the program to be finalized sometime over the weekend.

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