Tuesday, August 11, 2009

English subtitled trailer for Jija Raging Phoenix

So far the hype about Jija Du Suay Dua (Raging Phoenix) has been that Chocolate star Jija is doing another movie. So what more do you need to know?

Though the full-length trailer's been out for a while, I appreciated it more when it was English subbed, so I could see how pumped up Sahamongkol and producer Prachya Pinkaew are about it.

And there's apparently even some type of plot, beyond Jija just kicking ass. Something to do with girls being kidnapped and sold to organ traffickers.

However Jija, a headstrong girl, is special, and she falls in with a group of guys who teach her to hate and to love and make her even tougher. These are the wacky B-Boys Thai, who fight as much and as well as they dance. And there's French-Vietnamese martial artist Kazu making his starring-role debut.

But then there's guys on bladed-pogo stilts who come hopping in and cut down walls, and drag her away.

And a menacing-looking female bodybuilder Roongtawan as a villain.

Jija defeats them with a combination of drunken Muay Thai and hip-hop moves.

Jija Du Suay Dua opens tomorrow in Thailand. It's Mother's Day and Her Majesty the Queen's birthday, so it's a big holiday release for what is promising to be one of the biggest Thai action films of the year.

Fans outside Thailand already salivating over it and debating it. Head over to Topless Robot for lively comments about the trailer, which is embedded below.

(Via Topless Robot)

1 comment:

  1. The music is badass!

    I just hope the storyline for this movie is good.

    I watched Chocolate again thinking I might buy it on DvD/Blu Ray. But nah man, the story was really weak:(

    Can't wait for the Beastly Ong Bak 2 man:)


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